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Water/Wastewater Plant Operator Trainee I (Range 11)

  • Part-time
  • Florida
  • Aug. 28, 2023
  • Waste Pro

Job Description

General Description

Trainee work in the operation of a water/wastewater plant and distribution system.

Essential Job Functions

Essential functions are fundamental job duties. They do not include marginal tasks which are also performed but are incidental to the primary functions. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position, nor does every position allocated to the class necessarily perform every duty listed. Personal characteristics required of all employees, such as honesty, industry, sobriety and the ability to get along with others, are presumed qualities and may not be listed specifically.


Checks all wells and lift stations on a daily basis;

Reports any discrepancies found to lead operator;

Assists in collecting samples at wells and Wastewater Treatment Plant under the jurisdiction of Navarre Beach;

Assists in maintenance of all chemical feed systems;

Attends all training sessions in the safe operation of water/wastewater plants;

Performs tasks including routine maintenance and minor construction as assigned by lead operator or Utilities Supervisor;

Performs routine tests required for efficient operation of both Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant;

Checks all treatment processes to insure plant in operating at peak efficiency;

Performs related duties as required.


ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL SKILLS: Involves moderate to heavy lifting of 75 pounds and over; requires standing, walking, stooping, bending and climbing.


ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Water/wastewater treatment plant; work under hazardous conditions, with chemicals and cleaning materials; exposure to odors, gas and fumes; exposure to high temperatures.


ABILITY TO: Learn methods and practices of modern water/wastewater treatment; operating procedures applicable to treatment, functions and mechanics of pumps and other plant mechanical equipment; read meters and charts accurately; maintain records of shift operations; understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Minimum & Preferred Qualifications

Graduation from high school or GED. No experience necessary.


LICENSE: Applicant must have a valid State of Florida Driver's License at the date of hire with the ability to obtain CDL license within 120 days of being hired and maintain said license while employed in this position.


PREFERENCE: Applicants with any approved Department of Environmental Protection Water/Wastewater courses completed in the past five years will be given preference over other applicants.


NOTE: Applicant selected must successfully complete a Florida Department of Environmental Protection approved Water or Wastewater Course prior to position advancement, within one year of employment.



HOLIDAYS: Employees receive 11 paid holidays.

0-4 years - Employee is eligible to earn up to 104 hours per year. (4 hours per pay period)
5-9 years - Employee is eligible to earn up to 130 hours per year. (5 hours per pay period)
10-14 years - Employee is eligible to earn up to 156 hours per year. (6 hours per pay period)
15-19 years - Employee is eligible to earn up to 182 hours per year. (7 hours per pay period)
20+ years - Employee is eligible to earn up to 208 hours per year. (8 hours per pay period)

SICK LEAVE: Employee is eligible to earn up to 104 hours per year. (4 hours per pay period)

HEALTH INSURANCE: Choice between three (3) health plan options.

DENTAL INSURANCE: Employee has the opportunity to purchase dental insurance.

VISION INSURANCE: Plan may be purchased by employees and their eligible family members.

FLEXIBLE BENEFITS: Consists of Health, Dental, Cancer, Short Term and Long Term disability. These benefits may be purchased by employees on a pre-tax basis.

LIFE INSURANCE: FREE policy for $25,000

SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE: Employee may purchase additional life and accidental death insurance through group rates.

TAX-FREE SPENDING ACCOUNTS: Tax-free spending accounts to help pay for health care and dependent care expenses.

RETIREMENT: As a Florida Retirement System (FRS) member, employees pay 3% of gross salary on a pre-taxed basis with the County contributing the remaining amount. Eligibility depends on option chosen; either 1 or 8 years to vest.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Tax deferred savings plan available for retirement purposes. Employee pays full cost.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Social Security Retirement, Disability, and Insurance Benefits.

CREDIT UNION: Banking services including checking, savings, and loans available per credit union policy.

JURY DUTY: Paid leave for jury duty.

BEREAVEMENT LEAVE: Up to three (3) days leave for death in immediate family.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: FREE confidential counseling and referral service for employees and their families. Three visits per year for each employee and immediate family members.

UNIFORMS: FREE uniforms for those required to wear uniforms.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Full and partial reimbursement of tuition cost for approved course work.

SICK LEAVE POOL: Paid leave, up to 480 hours, awarded for absence due to health emergency.

Job Overview

  • Date Posted:
    Aug. 28, 2023
  • Location:
  • Job Title:
    Water/Wastewater Plant Operator Trainee I (Range 11)
  • Salary Range:
    Estimated $32.3K - $40.9K a year